October 5, 2022


By D N Singh

Economic disparity in India has crossed many limits. Economy seems for a limited few and the rest are left to fend themselves.

Which the political leaders, either they refuse to acknowledge or behave like Ostrich.

According to a report, let’s take the instance of health issues, which has become one of the major burdens for the poor or the common men. One can have a working snacks with ten to fifteen rupees but to buy a life saving tablet one has to spend at least Rs.20 plus the whopping GST.

So the nation like India, the governments are spending enormous amount, as good as charity on the leaders of political paries.

Going by the latest National Health Accounts report, in 2018-2019, the Central and States jointly spent on the health sector Rs. 2.42 lakh cr. Which shows that on each citizen they spent Rs.1,815, whereas, for a member of Parliament they spend Rs.51 thousand in comparison  to a mere Rs.18 hundred odd on a citizen.

In the year 2018-19, an amount of Rs.5.96 lakh cr was spent on the health sector, out of which the Centre and the States spent only 2.42 lakh cr, which implies that the rest amount was on the shoulders of the common men or some charitable private organizations.

Which speaks that, on a day the amount spent on a common man is Rs.5 only if, the annual figure is Rs, 1,815 on common man.

According to an available RTI report, in 2018-19, the health expenses on the Rajya Sabha MPs was Rs.1.26 lakh cr spent. Hence, going by the figure that the RS has 245 members, on each of them Rs.51 thousand are being spent.

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The stark reality is that, many things in this country is notionally driven or run by slogans like Sabka saath…and so on.