January 31, 2023

Chennai, Nov 8 : Bhumika Chawla, who has acted mainly in Tamil and Telugu movies, recalled three important teachings of Guru Nanak on the occasion of Gurpurab on Tuesday.

Taking to Instagram, the actress, whose love for simple living is well known, flagged “Three pillars of humanity and life teachings…by Guru Nanak Dev ji” and went on to list them:

“Naam Japna – recitation of God’s name. Kirat Karna – earn one’s livelihood through honest hard work. Wand Chhakna – sharing your spoils with others as per need and requirement.”

Her message to her fans and followers was: “Treat all people equal. Treat men and women with same respect and dignity. May we be blessed by his grace and be honest to walk the right path. Happy Gurpurab.”

Earlier, the actress had said: “Sometimes we get complicated in our minds and lives… Reminder to self to keep it simple.”

She also wrote: “Small towns, simple routines, simple life. They nourish your life and make you feel peaceful like nothing else does.”

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