September 30, 2022

New Delhi, Sep 3: A day after the All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) Executive Committee came into being, with former player Kalyan Chaubey as its president, it took its first major decision, appointing Shaji Prabhakaran as the new secretary-general on Saturday.

Chaubey chaired his first AIFF Executive Committee meeting at its headquarters, the Football House, and welcomed all the new members, including six eminent footballers who were co-opted in the body.

All the executive committee members, including vice-president NA Harris, treasurer Ajay Kipa and the six eminent footballers co-opted in the panel, except Bhaichung Bhutia, were present in the meeting.

Welcoming the members, the Chaubey said, “This is the first time that six former eminent players are part of the committee as per the order of the Honourable Supreme Court. We need to work together, and at no time should any personal ego come as a roadblock on our endeavour to take Indian football forward together. Discipline is the key to success, and we need to be accountable as per the deadlines set.”

He proposed Prabhakaran’s name as the new secretary-general of the AIFF, which was unanimously approved by all the members. IANS was the first to report on Friday that Prabhakaran was tipped to become the secretary-general.

“Dr. Shaji’s previous experience as FIFA Regional Development Officer will bring in new and fresh ideas which will provide the much-needed fillip to Indian Football,” said Chaubey.

The Committee, as per the AIFF president’s proposal, also unanimously appointed Sunando Dhar as the new deputy secretary-general of the AIFF.

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The Committee also decided to appoint IM Vijayan as the chairman of the new AIFF Technical Committee. Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Climax Lawrence, Harjinder Singh, Arun Malhotra and Pinki Bompal will be the other members of the AIFF Technical Committee.

Meanwhile, former India captain Shabbir Ali was unanimously named chairman of the Advisory Committee.