September 30, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 8: Several Northern states are looking to emulate the power generation model of Kerala’s solar rooftop projects for domestic consumers with subsidy, according to sources.

‘SOURA’ Subsidy scheme is initiated by the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited (KSEBL) for domestic consumers, the sources said on Thursday.

“As part of this scheme, the consumers can install solar panels over the roof of their homes. In a recently concluded national workshop in Delhi, officials of north Indian states who participated in it requested the Ministry of Renewable Energy to hold a video conference to know more about the Kerala’s SOURA scheme for solar rooftop projects for domestic consumers.”

The officials of other states were impressed about the succesful implementation of the 4 MW project by installing solar panels on 18 houses at the SC/ST Colony of Kuzhalmantham in Palakkad district of Kerala. KSEB Solar Nodal Officer Naushad presented about this model at the national workshop.
Electricity was supplied to 18 houses from the rooftop solar project by providing 40 percent MNR subsidy and the remaining amount from the funds of local bodies.

Each house generates eight units of electricity from this solar panels. Out of this, average four units are consumed by them. The KSEB collects the remaining four units from them at the rate of Rs 3.22.
There was no need to pay for electricity charges by them and they were getting a small income from the power generation.

The state has acquired 604 MW of solar energy through various solar projects. The installed capacity of rooftop solar projects alone in the state is 328.77 MW. After the Left Government came into power, it has implemented 61.82 MW projects under KSEB’s rooftop solar power scheme.

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